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Sweetwood Ventures Focusing on VC’s Smallest Funds

Sweetwood Ventures

Sweetwood Ventures’ general partner Amit Kurz has recently talked about the firm’s focus on “the small stuff” in an industry that has been saturated with venture capital firms continuing to raise bigger funds.

Sweetwood’s $140 million flagship fund has no room for what Kurz calls “nano” funds, but admitted he deemed it worth figuring out a way to back them.

“I got really intrigued as to how can we gain exposure to that space,” Kurz said, during an interview with TechCrunch. “They really generate this access to the most oversubscribed rounds and they invest a small amount, which is a classic win-win situation. You aren’t competing with the main VCs, yet everyone wants you because you are bringing a ton of value.”

Sweetwood Ventures has announced that it raised $20 million for a separate fund to cut checks of up to $2 million into funds that are $15 million in size or smaller, with the firm’s focus on funds that are based in Israel.

Sweetwood will work with angels to match their investment into a company.

“It’s a no-brainer for these guys,” Kurz said about angel investors. “[They are] doing these deals anyway and there is this external partner that doesn’t look to be a tech scout but pays them as tech scouts.”

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