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Daniel Lubetzky Launches Camino Partners

Camino Partners

Daniel Lubetzky, who was behind the successful rise of Kind Snacks into a multi-billion dollar brand, has teamed up with former Kind executive Elle Lanning, along with others from his team, to launch Camino Partners.

Camino Partners is a startup incubator and investment platform.

“I was making so many mistakes, but I drew lessons from those, and then the first 10 years of Kind were just like soaring,” Lubetzky said, according to TechCrunch. “We want to help people not have to go 10 years through the desert and get there faster, but with a dose of humility,” he continued. “Today, you have to think about the circumstances and adapt to the changing circumstances, and what I love about my team is that that’s who they are.”

“We did not have a single sales channel when building Kind, and so understanding the interconnectivity of those and how to think about them in relation is what we’ve seen, in this past year, a lot of brands have started to do,” Lanning said in the TechCrunch article. “They recognize one channel is probably not the path forward. That’s where we also see the unique advantage in our skill set — being able to lay out that kind of broader ecosystem.”

Lanning stated that Camino Partners is not exclusively focused on consumer packaged good, saying that they are looking at startup companies that have culture creation: a culture of ownership, a shared set of values and financially sustainable structure.

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