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Remoov Betting On Miami Market


Remoov, San Francisco-based the startup that kicked off its nationwide expansion earlier this year by coming to Miami, is hoping that the South Florida market will become their largest market for business.

Remoov helps homeowners and corporations declutter by retrieving any junk or unwanted items and selling them for what they can get on behalf of the owner, and then donating what can be repurposed and responsibly disposing of remaining items.

Remoov uses proprietary algorithms to automate the appraisal and resale process of pre-owned items.

Remoov’s Miami showroom which is called the Local Flea, is incorporated in Miami-Dade County.

“We are essentially a marketplace for secondary goods and inflation tends to spur sales of secondary goods,” Remoov Founder and CEO Luis Perez said in an interview with Refresh Miami. “And sadly, when the economy goes a little sour, we end up working with a lot of businesses that are downsizing or shutting down.”

“The circular economy is a humongous market – the resale market is growing 25 times faster than traditional retail – but for an end user it is a pain in the butt. You’re essentially relying on like Facebook and Craigslist, which is really time consuming, it’s stressful and it doesn’t really work,” Perez said.

Remove set out to “build up an operational model that allows us to get the end user what they need, which is ‘I want to click a button and I want all my stuff to disappear,’ while also ensuring that not everything is just going  to landfill and people can essentially unlock some of that value,” Perez said. “And that’s what Remoov is.


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